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      adapt Bika Health to have multiple sample type (e.g. blood + urine) inside one analysis request.

      That clashes head-on with the Bika DB design. Will be difficult and expensive, and I'll struggle to find somebody to do that, you'll be painting yourself into a terrible corner. All IDs depend on Sample Type and there is a one-to-many teraltionship between Samples and ARS. See ERD online,

      hey want to be able to order one test (AR) that have multiple sample type, 
      and have only one report published. 
      when doctor login to view, they can just search for one AR 
      and access the published report containing all the results 
      from analysis services/profiles involving multiple sample 

      You should consider using Clinical Cases and have a Case report customised for that, that is how the system is designed.

      Bika Health Clinical Cases are medical encounters associated with disease episodes.
      In health care LIMS, samples and analyses are associated with an encounter in the context of a discreet disease episode, or 'case', the same way a doctor would associate symptoms with it. This is a customisation of standard Bika LIMS Batches.

      We can do your your requirement much simpler and correcte via a Case Report.

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