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Compliance. Specifications and Uncertainties


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      Edited and paraphrased for devs to use as design spec

      Re the new Pass / Indeterminate / Fail Analysis attribute, it is based on the AS Specification and the results value after application of the AS' Uncertainty. If the uncertainty results in an overlap with the limits, then the result becomes is Indeterminate. Failing results are already iconised with noticeable red icons but is not specific enough


      We have to replace the way Bika calculates the shoulder ranges in the current system where

      1. No alert is raised where a result of 15.00 ppm falls in the specification's Valid Range of 10.00 to 20.00 ppm

      2. An amber Warning, is raised where a result falls in a specified shoulder due to the uncertainty in the result, say 9 ppm or 11 ppm

      3. A red Alert is raised when a result is beyond the shoulder range and and completely OOR, Out-of-Range

      Currently the shoulder ranges have to be laboriously hard configured, on a quite messy screen, https://demo.bikalabs.com/lims1/bika_setup/bika_analysisspecs/analysisspec-9/edit. I asked Lunga to put new much more better Inglis strings in.

      The shoulder ranges can be determined accurately and automatically using the AS' Uncertainty and made ISO correct by using their Pass / Indeterminate / Fail terminology and methods.

      Please review this truth table

      Result Result +- Uncertainty COMPLIANCE
      In range In range PASS
      In range Out of range Indeterminate
      Out of range Out of range FAIL

      On all views and the COA, Analyses get an extra column Compliance, the numerical specification column stays

      Where previously In-range results went without icons, it is now indicated with a PASS and icon

      Very elegant, should make it into Senaite too


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