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      General paragraphs

      AS Keyword

      The "Analysis Keyword" is an important field and must be unique. This keyword will be used widely by the system. Amongst other uses, keywords are used in calculations or to find matches when importing results from instruments. They can also be displayed in results reports if needed. CAS Numbers for chemical substances or LOINC codes for health measurements are good keyword choices.

      Duplicate AS

      Pro-Tip: You can also duplicate existing Analysis Services from the listing view by selecting the checkbox of the Service you want to copy and click on the Duplicate button.


      Analysis categories allows you to group analyses regardless of the department they are assigned to. Thus, you can have analyses in same category that belong to different departments. Here we've created a "Water chemistry" category, but we could rather create a category called "Liquids" or "Mining". The criteria used to group analyses depends on your laboratory needs.

      List item back ground colours

      The colored borders in the listings also encode the state of the items, where yellow stands for Sample due, brown for Sample received, turquoise for To be verified, blue for Verified and green for Published

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      7. Instrument Certificates Sub-task Open lemoene
      8. Sample Partitioning Sub-task Open lemoene
      9. Save vs Submit Sub-task Open Unassigned
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      11. Add Control Samples to WS Sub-task Open Unassigned
      12. Information per Analysis on i icon Sub-task Open Unassigned
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      17. Auto results import Sub-task Open Unassigned
      18. Storage Sub-task Open Unassigned
      19. Analysis icons on Sample registration form Sub-task Open Unassigned
      20. Manually add Analyses to WS Sub-task Open Unassigned


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        Client Preferences

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