Version 3.1.7


Start: 17/Dec/14

Released: 26/Feb/15

Release Notes

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BlockerBugLIMS-1540When accent characters are used in a "Sample Type" name, it is not possible to create a new AR. Pau SolivaClosed
BlockerBugLIMS-1617Error with bin/test.Pau SolivaClosed
BlockerBugLIMS-1636Batch Sample View crashPau SolivaClosed
BlockerBugLIMS-1689Error while creating a new invoice batchPau SolivaClosed
BlockerBugLIMS-1693Error trying to save a new ARPau SolivaClosed
CriticalBugLIMS-1393Develop: publishing error. JordiClosed
CriticalBugLIMS-1428After receiving a sample with Sampling Workflow enable is not possible to input resultsJordiClosed
CriticalBugLIMS-1481Can't publish: AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'append' CampbellClosed
CriticalBugLIMS-1614 Error when selecting Analysis Administration Tab after receiving a sample with Sampling Workflow enabledPau SolivaClosed
MajorBugLIMS-1266Sampling date format errorCampbellClosed
MajorBugLIMS-1369Batch Book error in latest develop. CampbellClosed
MajorBugLIMS-1479New-version and upgrade-steps should be Python viewletsCampbellClosed
MajorBugLIMS-1524Invalidate email does not have variables populatedPau SolivaClosed
MajorNew FeatureLIMS-1539Printable Worksheets. In both AR by row or column orientations JordiClosed
MajorBugLIMS-1574Analysis Attachments not uploadedAlexanderClosed
MinorNew FeatureLIMS-257Set Blank and Warning icons in Reference Sample main viewPau SolivaClosed
MinorImprovementLIMS-1423Save details when AR workflow action kicked offPau SolivaClosed
MinorBugLIMS-1435AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'getInstrumentEntryOfResults'CampbellClosed
MinorBugLIMS-1517Storage field tag untranslated?Mike MetcalfeClosed
MinorBugLIMS-1526CC Contact not populating field on AR addUnassignedClosed
MinorBugLIMS-1527CC Contact on AR view (edit) offers all contacts in systemPau SolivaClosed
MinorImprovementLIMS-1536Add button [Add], to alow quickly addings in referencewidgetPau SolivaClosed
MinorBugLIMS-1538CC Users and Email Not WorkingCampbellClosed
MinorNew FeatureLIMS-1572Instrument interface: Sysmex XS-500iPau SolivaClosed
MinorImprovementLIMS-1575Thermo Arena 20XTPau SolivaClosed
MinorNew FeatureLIMS-1587Custom sample labels Anneline SweetnamClosed
MinorImprovementLIMS-1604BioDrop uLite interfaceJordiClosed
MinorImprovementLIMS-1605Tescan TIMA interfaceJordiClosed
MinorBugLIMS-1622Version Check does not correctly check cacheCampbellClosed
MinorBugLIMS-1623Refactor front-page as a Browser View.CampbellClosed
MinorBugLIMS-1624Import default test.xlsx failsPau SolivaClosed
MinorNew FeatureLIMS-2470CLONE - Instrument interface: Sysmex XS-500iPau SolivaClosed
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