Version 3.1.8


Start: 26/Feb/15

Released: 03/Jun/15

Release Notes

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BlockerBugLIMS-1688After AR invalidation, ARs list throws an errorUnassignedClosed
BlockerBugLIMS-1697Error updateing bika.lims 317 to 318 via quickinstallerJordiClosed
BlockerBugLIMS-1729Analysis Specification Not applying to Sample when SelectedJordiClosed
BlockerBugLIMS-1738Regression. 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'getResultsRangeDict'JordiClosed
BlockerBugLIMS-1754Easy install for LIMS' add-ons was not possiblePau SolivaClosed
BlockerBugLIMS-2053I broke the AR profiles?CampbellClosed
BlockerBugLIMS-2169Cannot start instancePau SolivaClosed
CriticalBugLIMS-1655Result value is erased when using "<" symbolUnassignedClosed
CriticalBugLIMS-1696Decimal mark conversion is not working again with "<0,002" results typeJordiClosed
MajorBugLIMS-1453Unable to select CC Contacts in AR AddCampbellClosed
MajorImprovementLIMS-1700Lower and Upper Detection Limits (LDL/UDL). Allow manual inputJordiClosed
MajorBugLIMS-1741Unable to save a supply order while creatingJayadeep KarnatiClosed
MajorImprovementLIMS-1769Allow to use LDL and UDL in calculationsJordiClosed
MajorImprovementLIMS-1775Allow to select LDL or UDL defaults in results with readonly modeJordiClosed
MajorImprovementLIMS-1779Results report new fields and improvementsJordiClosed
MinorNew FeatureLIMS-308Instrument MDL and uncertaintyJordiClosed
MinorImprovementLIMS-1324Allow to hide analyses in results reportsJordiClosed
MinorImprovementLIMS-1379Allow manual uncertainty value inputJordiClosed
MinorBugLIMS-1581Replicate entry values on AR add not consistentAlexanderClosed
MinorBugLIMS-1582Sampling Date should NOT be requiredAnneline SweetnamClosed
MinorImprovementLIMS-1628There should be a results interpretation field per lab departmentPau SolivaClosed
MinorImprovementLIMS-1629Pdf reports should split analysis results in different pages according to the lab departmentJordiClosed
MinorBugLIMS-1724Missing start and end date on reportsJayadeep KarnatiClosed
MinorBugLIMS-1734AR Create. Remove Contact failsPau SolivaClosed
MinorBugLIMS-1737Error when adding pricelists of lab products with no volume and unitUnassignedClosed
MinorBugLIMS-1739Error with results interpretation field of an AR lacking deparmentsJordiClosed
MinorBugLIMS-1740Error when trying to view any SampleJordiClosed
MinorBugLIMS-1748Error in adding supply order when a product has no priceJayadeep KarnatiClosed
MinorSub-taskLIMS-1811Port bika-listing AJAX Categories from develop to hotfix/3.1.8CampbellClosed
MinorSub-taskLIMS-1812Port AR-Add PT and JS from develop to hotfix/3.1.8CampbellClosed
MinorBugLIMS-1923Typo InstrumentCalibrationPau SolivaClosed
MinorBugLIMS-2037Analysis workflow history not available; verify-guard fails.CampbellClosed
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