Version 3.1.9


Start: 03/Jun/15

Released: 08/Oct/15

Release Notes

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BugLIMS-87AR List Filters do not stickCampbellClosed
BugLIMS-650Sort Symptoms table on genderUnassignedClosed
BugLIMS-682Load set-up data. Lab addresses (and some symptoms) did not loadUnassignedClosed
BugLIMS-705Small. Patient on ARs not compulsory, though indicated as suchUnassignedClosed
BugLIMS-706When adding an AR or Case directly on a Patient, the patient field on the AR create form should auto-complete with that patient's name/CPIDJordiClosed
BugLIMS-857CPID as query parameterCampbellClosed
BugLIMS-1066AR create copy across does not work for Analysis ProfilesCampbellClosed
BlockerBugLIMS-1869Not possible to create an Analysis RequestPau SolivaClosed
BlockerBugLIMS-1956Error upgrading to 319Pau SolivaClosed
BlockerBugLIMS-1959Not possible to create an ARPau SolivaClosed
BlockerSub-taskLIMS-1970Analyses from AR Add form not displayed properlyPau SolivaClosed
BlockerBugLIMS-2002Error creating Analysis Requests from batch.Pau SolivaClosed
BlockerBugLIMS-2049Displaying lists doesn't work as expectedPau SolivaClosed
BlockerBugLIMS-2074Site Error Creating BatchesCampbellClosed
CriticalImprovementLIMS-1520Allow to invalidate verified ARsCampbellClosed
CriticalNew FeatureLIMS-1546Sampling Round Template creation and Edit/ViewJordiClosed
CriticalNew FeatureLIMS-1547AR Templates tab inside Sampling Round TemplatePau SolivaClosed
CriticalNew FeatureLIMS-1548Client-specific Sampling Round TemplatesJordiClosed
CriticalNew FeatureLIMS-1549Sampling Round Templates privileges and permissionsPau SolivaClosed
CriticalNew FeatureLIMS-1558Creating Sampling RoundsPau SolivaClosed
CriticalNew FeatureLIMS-1561Editing a Sampling RoundPau SolivaClosed
CriticalTaskLIMS-1944Results are lost when two analysts work together on one ARCampbellClosed
CriticalSub-taskLIMS-1951New Sampling Rounds Folder (tab) inside Client's View with an "Add" buttonPau SolivaClosed
CriticalSub-taskLIMS-1952New Sampling Round Add formPau SolivaClosed
CriticalSub-taskLIMS-1953New Analysis Requests/Samples Folder (tab) inside Sampling Round's view with an "Add" buttonPau SolivaClosed
CriticalSub-taskLIMS-1954Sample Round viewPau SolivaClosed
CriticalBugLIMS-1996On new system with no instrument data it is difficult to get going. The warnings could be confusingJordiClosed
CriticalSub-taskLIMS-2051Add AR Template's Analyses bad indentationPau SolivaClosed
MajorNew FeatureLIMS-1312Transposed Worksheet view, ARs in columnsJordiClosed
MajorBugLIMS-1361Batch book view translation failing. Retract buttonCampbellClosed
MajorNew FeatureLIMS-1564Cancelling a Sampling RoundPau SolivaClosed
MajorBugLIMS-1584Analysis Profile not populating reliablyAnneline SweetnamClosed
MajorBugLIMS-1817Instrument Interface. Rigaku Supermini200 WDXRFlemoeneClosed
MajorBugLIMS-1947Chosen Analyst name in WS is not getting saved in each ARPau SolivaClosed
MajorBugLIMS-2005Click on Validations tab of Instruments it give errorJordiClosed
MajorSub-taskLIMS-2056Analysis Specifications: Analysis Services' contract action doesn't work properlyPau SolivaClosed
MinorBugLIMS-1382Uncertainties - site errorUnassignedClosed
MinorBugLIMS-1518Storage Location tableMike MetcalfeClosed
MinorNew FeatureLIMS-1544Add "File attachment" field on Sample PointPau SolivaClosed
MinorBugLIMS-1855Small Sticker layout. QR codesPau SolivaClosed
MinorBugLIMS-1887uniquefield validator doesn't work properlyPau SolivaClosed
MinorImprovementLIMS-1943Stickers preview and custom stickers templates supportJordiClosed
MinorNew FeatureLIMS-1949Enviromental conditionsPau SolivaClosed
MinorImprovementLIMS-2008CLONE - Instrument Interface. Eltra CS-2000UnassignedClosed
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